Whether it's unexpected flow loss or a scheduled shutdown, no time is a good time for downtime.

Costs in productivity, revenue and reputations can be considerable. And conventional cleaning methods to remove foulants are often as time-consuming as they are ineffectual. Worse still, they can damage process equipment and pose a variety of safety concerns. With patented and proven sonic resonance technology, Hydrokinetics can blast through conventional limitations.

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A breakthrough in foulant‑removal technology.

Hydrokinetics offers proven, patented high-pressure cleaning processes for piping, tubes and process equipment.

It’s fast—taking hours instead of days to safely remove foulants that other solutions simply can’t, getting you back up and running at maximum profitability sooner.

Our technology has been used successfully in a variety of applications, including:

  • Plastics
  • Refining
  • Municipal
  • Manufacturing
  • Chemical
  • Offshore
  • Government facilities

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The sound behind the science.

Our patented Hydrokinetics cleaning process cleans pipes and production systems other methods can’t. By inducing sonic resonance in the water stream, it safely breaks the bond between the metal and the fouling material, allowing the obstruction to be easily expelled.

Safer. Greener. Better.

Of every method available for foulant removal, Hydrokinetics is by far the safest. No chemicals are involved. Far less water is required. And unlike traditional hydroblasting services, in which employees are working with a high-pressure stream of water, the fouling material is safely expelled from the opposite end of the pipe, away from personnel.

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