Hard rubber.
Tough customers.

Texas Chemical Plant

Imagine 300 feet of one-inch pipe, plugged with a hard rubber material, complete with four 90° and two 45° turns. You can’t take anything apart and all you have is a hydroblaster.

This was the challenge faced by a Texas chemical facility. Hydroblasting with a flex lance at 20,000 PSI had extracted only five feet before hitting a brick wall. Getting our name from a customer in Lake Charles, Louisiana, they gave Hydrokinetics a call.

Upon our arrival, plant workers were skeptical. A few derisively told us we were wasting our time. We had the pipe completely cleared in just a few minutes. Set-up to rig-down took 45 minutes total. Our skeptics were shocked. Not surprisingly, they found additional pipe for us to clean—nearly 2,000 feet of it, with multiple 90° bends.

While on site, an operator asked us about cleaning their intercoolers (looped coolers). Normally, the regular vendor would dismantle the unit, blast at 40,000 PSI, then reassemble in a process that took 96 hours. We were able to clean the unit as a single piping system—to their specifications—in only six hours.