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Crystalized coke. Lime-plugged tubes. Rock-hard conglomerate. We have a history of overcoming some of the industry’s most hopeless scenarios.


Cleaning the Impossible: Cracking the Ethane Cracker

Our client converts ethane gas with its world-scale ethane cracker to 1.3 million tons of ethylene per year.


Decimating Downtime In-Situ Cleaning of 4,700 Tubes in 3 Shifts

The HDPE unit in a major petrochemical plant was experiencing loss of heat transfer efficiency


HOFCC Splitter Reboiler Cleaned in Record Time

Our client’s refining and petrochemical facility is home to the world's largest high olefins fluid catalytic converter (HOFCC) unit.


Maximum Productivity Minimum Downtime for LDPE Unit

Our client was experiencing scale build up along the inner tube walls of the inter stage cooler


Petrochemical: Polymer Removal

With 14 heat exchangers in the process train of a recovery unity, a Houston petrochemical plant needed to clean more than 7,000 tubes


Mining: Hard-Water Buildup

For years, a mining company in northwest Alaska had had struggled with the buildup of calcium carbonate, calcium silicate,


Syngas: Nickel-Sulfite Blockage

A syngas plant on the Houston Ship Channel faced a unique predicament. Their 840-tube exchanger was plugged solid with nickel sulfite.


Power Plant: Ash Lime Conglomerate

A central Texas power plant had 8,000 feet of 2.5” boiler tubes plugged with fly ash, lime and other materials.


Petrochemical: Hard Coke, Drill Bits

In Texas City, Texas, a petrochemical plant had a 600-tube exchanger with a majority of its tubes blocked—many for over 10 years.


Crude Furnace: De-coking, De-scaling

A crude heater at Atofina’s Port Arthur, Texas facility had unexpectedly coked solid. With zero flow, traditional steam-air de-coking procedures


Pygas Tank: Cleaning, Processing

Cleaning a process surge (pyrolysis gas) tank is a challenge in terms of safety, cost and regulatory compliance.