Revolutionize Your Cleaning Process with Hydrokinetics' Hydroblasting Services

First you call us. Then you relax.

Hydrokinetics' hydroblasting services effectively removes a wide range of foulants from heat exchangers, intercoolers, fin fans and reactors – any pipe or tube. A patented and proven technology developed in 1994, Hydrokinetics takes a fraction of the setup time, cleaning time and labor required for traditional hydroblasting techniques, which means you save money, getting back online faster and producing a higher-grade product.

Finishes fast. Decimates downtime.

Less downtime and more production can translate to millions of dollars in savings. Conventional cleaning techniques—which includes traditional hydroblasting services, lancing, baking, acidizing and drilling—are time-consuming. And that’s just the cleaning. You could also be looking at time for prep, scaffolding, disassembly and reassembly, none of which is an issue with Hydrokinetics.

Conventional cleaning approaches might not even be enough, which means you could be adding time for fabrication, shipping and installation into your schedule. If we can’t clean your pipeline or equipment, we’ll let you know immediately.

We’re in and out before others often get started. Compare the difference in labor hours between traditional cleaning and Hydrokinetics.

Finishes fast. Decimates downtime.

Plastics Facility/200-ft. pipe

Polyethylene unit/tubular reactor

Elastomer plant/plastic polymer line

Polyethylene plant/1,800 feet of process piping

High-Pressure Off Gas Line*

Reactor Tails Line**


36 hours

250 hours

4 shifts

1 week

60 hours

96 hours


12 hours

4 shifts

4 hours

1 hours

4 hours

4 hours

Figures above are pulled from actual case studies.

* Saved customer 5 mechanical days

** Saved customer 7 mechanical days

Hard cases, tight turns- bring them on.

The Hydrokinetics System requires only a few feet of working area, but can handle the biggest challenges—miles of subsea pipelines, totally blocked tubes, tight 180-degree bends and oddly shaped bundles—effective on everything from soft silicone to hard cobalt with no chemicals, no scaffolding, and fewer or no line breaks required.

Our patented process safely and effectively removes a wide range of fouling materials, including:

Black Iron
Calcium Carbonate
Crude Oil
Mill Scale
NORM Scale

Polyethylenes Polypropylenes
Poly Wax

No recordable safety or environmental incidents Ever.

Utilizing sonic-wave technology, Hydrokinetics is by far the safest foulant-removal method available on the market. With more than 20 years and thousands of man-hours, we’ve never had a lost-time accident.

The process is isolated from the technician and operated remotely, inducing a frequency vibration through the blockage. No harsh chemicals or high-pressure streams of water—good for both employees and equipment. Hydrokinetics is also ideal cleaning tubes where sparks pose a risk.

A significantly minimized amount of wastewater and fouling material is extruded at the opposite end of the pipeline or tube into a containment basin, far away from technicians and workers.