Sound. Water. And nothing else.

Frankly, we’d have a hard time making our environmental footprint any smaller.

Hydrokinetics uses no chemicals whatsoever—nothing but pressurized water and highly effective sonic pulses to clear fouling. So effective, in fact, that we finish the job in a fraction of the time, with less use of motorized equipment and far less water than traditional high pressure hydroblasting services methods.

Do the math.

How much less? In an actual—and quite typical—shutdown example, conventional hydroblasting required 1,200 gallons an hour for 27 hours, or 32,400 gallons. Hydrokinetics required only 256 gallons an hour for three hours, or 768 gallons. That’s an exorbitant savings of 31,632 gallons of water.

Less water consumed also means less effluent discharged. So in an example like the above, instead of having to dispose of 32,400 gallons, you’re only looking at 768 gallons, which we will properly recycle, handle or dispose of.

To further reduce our environmental footprint, we frequently test and continually update all fuel-powered equipment used on a jobsite.